Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to our website!

Communication is the key to establishing a good working relationship. The staff is enjoying working with all students and their parents or guardians during the 2019-20  school year.

Please take time to read the  communication agenda and share this information with your family. This information is valuable and will help you understand the expectations of the school.  The staff encourage you as  parents/guardians and as stakeholders in our student's education to contact  your child's teachers if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.

It is also important to be part of the school, we would appreciate your help as volunteers, guest speakers, chaperones or members of our parent organizations. We have two parent organizations that need members. The groups are the School Advisory Council and the Home and School. Each group has a specific purpose that helps the school run smoothly. We hope that you may want to be part of one or both of these groups. If you wish to volunteer in classrooms or as a chaperone of a school trip, please come in and fill out the volunteer forms. These forms are a must in order to volunteer within the school.

We hope that the students and parents have a great school year!.

Lynn Kaulbach